⏳ 5 tips to avoid PROCRASTINATION and Manage your Time (try them)

We all procrastinate… But how can we avoid that? One answer: your own system! 😱💤

In our lives there are things we want to do (because we like, or even love them ❤️), and things we have to do (because they are important, or mandatory ⚠️).

The idea is simple: to have more time and energy for the things that matter the most, it is important to have a system in place, a system that supports you!

The 5 tips to help you avoiding procrastination, managing your time and getting things done:

  • Your calendar reminds you about what you need to do;
  • Your timers allow you to have control of your time and progress;
  • By delegating you give tasks to those best suited for the job;
  • Entering a Flow State allows you to be more focused and make better use of your time;
  • And by paying attention to your health triangle you will have more energy and focus because your body and mind are working at their best capacity.

And you, tell me, how do you avoid procrastination?


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