🌈🚀 Clarifying our Life Purpose – My Manifesto: Who is IΛCO VIVΛCI?

Being our true authentic self is not that simple, but it all starts with self understanding, being vulnerable, acting with integrity and coherence 🙂

Don’t be afraid to be yourself, to evolve yourself, and to care for yourself 💯

You will always feel a little bit of fear, it’s human, but don’t let it block you from living your life!

I did this video to give the example and inspire you to look for your life purpose, too 🙂

After a 1-year-long process to clarify my life purpose, I wanted to share with the world:

Who I was, who I am, and who I — IΛCO VIVΛCI — am working to become!

You can comment in any of my videos, I will always reply

Ask me if you didn’t understand something, or share your own purpose(s) 😉


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